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September 9, 2012


Coming Soon…

by Dredd77

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  1. Is that a Commander deck?

  2. Icehawk7
    Sep 9 2012

    Sweet! AvNB, the Commander decks, and all are going to make this one fun championship. Can’t wait!

  3. Jay Chong
    Sep 9 2012

    Commander?! How’s that going to work against 60 card decks?

  4. Varo
    Sep 10 2012

    It’s Championship Time!

  5. errtu
    Sep 10 2012


    Graveborn all the way! (this year it’ll appear, right?)

  6. Jenesis
    Sep 10 2012

    By my count, from Commander to Avacyn Restored, there are 38 decks in contention. How’s that going to work with a 32 slot bracket?

    • Sep 11 2012

      This actually isn’t the first itme we’ve run over, and what we did last time was to cut off the weakest-rated decks as having “missed the playoffs.” The purist in me would rather everyone had a shot so we could pull for the underdogs, so I floated the idea of including paper copiues of the DotP decks in a Thoughtsieze poll. The readers let us know, though, that that was “too much of a good thing,” so the simple option it is! In truth, that probably keeps it at about readable length.


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