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August 30, 2012


Sitenotes: What do the ads look like to you?

by Dredd77

Hey folks, just wanting to get a little more feedback on the ads. One of our readers mentioned that there’s a pop-up video that takes over their whole screen whenever the visit the site now, and that’s a cause for concern.

Since we only know what we can see, here’s what we’ve thought the ads are doing:

This is what we see…

In most cases, the ads appear under the most recent post, though if you dig back through older pages it then appears under the most recent one for that page.

Please let us know if you’re seeing the ads manifest themselves in other ways, like the aforementioned pop-up. This may be a technical issue we can have resolved if we bring it to WordPress’s attention.





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  1. errtu
    Aug 31 2012

    Perhaps I’m nitpicky here, but shouldn’t it be “What *do* the ads …” ? 🙂

    Other than that, I don’t see the screen-filling ad.

    • Aug 31 2012

      Fixed! Never too nitpicky- especially when the typos are in the titles.

  2. The image you posted – that’s how the ads appear on all my machines/browsers I’ve checked (Mac, Firefox/Safari)…

  3. Dopey
    Sep 1 2012

    I have adblock for firefox, so I don’t get ads.


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