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August 27, 2012


Sitenotes: The Advertising on Ertai’s Lament

by Dredd77

Awhile back, we kicked off an experiment to see whether or not it would be feasible to run advertising on the site. We’d been approached by WordPress to see if we wanted to participate, and as you may have noticed a couple of ads have appeared here and there as you navigate about. We ran a poll to get your feedback, and have had some time to digest the results.

It’s a hard thing to look at people in an aggregated manner. For instance, less than a quarter of people who responded to the site found that the ads detracted from their experience in some way. Far and away most of you either didn’t mind (64%) or didn’t care (14%). We don’t want to look at those who reacted negatively and say, “well, your opinion falls within a statistically small bracket, so we’re not going to listen.” I don’t believe that we could have gotten where we are today with the site if that was the manner in which we operated. By the same token, it doesn’t feel like that’s enough for us to want to break with the program altogether.

That said, we don’t like shills, and we don’t like feeling like we’re trying to “peddle eyeballs on screens” for a plain envelope stuffed with filthy lucre, either. After consideration, we here at Ertai’s Lament are going to go a third way.

1. We’re going to keep the ads. Unless things radically change, most of you don’t seem to mind them, and it’s nice to have a small revenue stream trickling in.

2. That said, we recognise that it’s you, our readers, who are driving the revenue. Sure, you can say that it’s our content that gets you here, but at the end of the day it’s you the advertisers are after- not us. Soooo…

3. You get to have it. All of it. We’re going to take the cash and put it right into funding giveaways and promotions for the site. One of the things we’ve truly enjoyed these past couple of years is having lots of contests, since it gives us a way to share our love of precons in a material way, and gives other folk a chance to play with decks they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to acquire.

The WordAds revenue stream comes in $100 chunks, so we won’t see anything directly until we cross that threshold, but in the meantime we’ll continue with the ordinary giveaway manner. We’re not sure if we’ll use it for extra-big contests a few times a year, or just have a larger number of smaller ones, but hey, that’s a nice problem to have.

So again, we want to thank everyone for their support of Ertai’s Lament. Without it, the site wouldn’t be what it is today, and we’re glad to have the opportunity to give something back. We hope we haven’t lost anyone over the ads, and when the day comes that we feel strongly that they get in the way of what we deliver, we’ll pull the plug on them.

PS- Since ‘gamers gonna game,’ it’s worth pointing out that revenue is driven by the number of visits. If you’d like to help increase the amount that goes into the kitty, you’re always welcome to visit the site more often! 

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  1. koga305
    Aug 27 2012

    I really appreciate the gesture, but honestly you all deserve something, even if it’s only to finance your buying precons for your own testing. A half-and-half split would be an awesome deal for me!

    • Aug 27 2012

      Exactly. You provide a great source of entertainment and critical analysis and you’ve earned some form of not-only-spoken gratification.

  2. Aug 27 2012

    Hey guys. When there was no advertising we were getting our cake and eating it too. You were one of the only sites that I visited that had no advertising and all the content I wanted to read on a regular basis. As awesome as that is, it’s a mythic rarity in this world and not a realistic expectation for a family who purchases all their own pre-cons and writes about them at their own expense. I love the content on your website and feel that the ads are a necessity for you all to be able to continue to generate an amazing website. We’re all used to ads and anyone who has ever heard of a thing called Facebook or Twitter or just the Internet is used to the ads. Do with the money what you will. It’s yours to use as you see fit and although we’re your faithful audience, we don’t get to tell you what to do with your income. You all work on this website hard enough that generating some of your own income, however small it might be, is a gift you deserve.

    BTW, are you going to be reviewing Izzet vs. Golgari? It just got spoiled fully today!

    • Aug 29 2012

      Oh, you’d better believe it! We’re going right from Guildpact into the Duel Deck, then jumping out for one more set before coming right back in with RTR.

      Cheers as well for the kind thoughts, mate. We’re still having a blast doing it!

  3. elias
    Aug 28 2012

    I check in at least 1nc daily & have had nothing but good impressions. It would be entirely acceptable from my perspective were you to retain ad revenue for your own use. The quality of the site you maintain is more than enough to make it worth skimming a few ads while visiting. All I can say is keep up the awesome work!

  4. Hireling
    Aug 28 2012

    I agree. I appreciate the thought, but would prefer you to keep all ad revenue. You and your family provide us with a great place to read about and discuss one of our favorite hobbies. You give your time, money, and effort to do so. You’ve earned it.

  5. Brad
    Aug 28 2012

    I love the site and will keep coming back, adds didn’t bother me exept when I couldn’t get onto the site as the pop-up videos disabled the site completely after multiple attempts i stoped coming i know it may not mean much coming from a loyal reader who isnt a contributer but i don’t mind a little extra scrolling or slightly wider side margins i just don’t want to lose this excellent site behide an unmovable ADD

    • Aug 29 2012

      Hey mate, am sorry to hear the trouble you’re having! You’re getting a pop-up video? As in, one another screen? If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love a screenshot (ertaislament at gmail). I don’t get that when I see the site, so I’m very curious. I do see embedded videos on the main page, usually under the most recently-published articles, but nothing that makes that much of a nuisance of itself.

      Also, did this just start a month ago? I ask because WordPress itself runs ads on all of our blogs, but they’re infrequent and separate from the “WordAds” program, so I wonder if it’s one of theirs…

      • Brad
        Aug 29 2012

        yes it started roughly a month ago, when accessing the front page the site would appear to load for a moment then instanly go white with a video player in the top left hand corner there were 3 or 4 different videos that would be there playing. if you refreshed it would do the same thing but sometimes it would launch a different video even when watched till the end the site never appeared. a friend of mine (who i introduced your site too and loved it) said he was fed up with it and didn’t want the bother.

        if i see the issue again i will screenshot it and email it

        • Aug 29 2012

          Please do! That definitely isn’t how it’s supposed to work. These are just supposed to be passive, embedded ads, and any screens you manage to take I’ll immeidately be forwarding to the program rep.

  6. Aug 29 2012

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone, we’re delighted so many enjoy what we do here. The die is cast, but for what it’s worth doing it this way will actually save us a couple bucks too, since we’re no longer footing the bill for giveaway prizes but instead letting the site do that for us. Win-win!

    • Laurent
      Aug 30 2012

      That’s cool, you really deserves it, considering the amount of good read, good fun and good ideas I get everytime I come here (around 3 to 4 times a week). And maybe one day, I’ll read here reviews for one of my oldest dreams : I always wanted to see/create decks for Ice age and Ice Age/Alliance, as well as 4th Edition, to bridge the last gap between old school Magic and current Magic..wish that WoTC could do that for MtGO, so that’ll make more decks to review (and actually, since I have everything needed to make them in real…to play them ;)) keep on doing the awesome job 🙂

  7. Icehawk
    Aug 30 2012

    Sorin vs Horny Wanna-be Hellboy I guess Dude.

    Wonder if it’ll be the BW Sorin.


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