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August 23, 2012


Whispers of the Muse Contest Winner!

by Dredd77

Thanks to everyone who entered our recent giveaway, helping two of our readers (Steve and Eduard) fine-tune the Depths of Power Intro Pack from Magic 2013. It was a tremendous success, with both getting a great deal of coaching and suggestion from many of you.

We randomly put the names into a hat, drew one out at random and are pleased to announce that Dr. Skillz has won! The prize is a Magic 2013 Intro Pack of the good doctor’s choosing.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and we look forward to having another giveaway soon!




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  1. Varo
    Aug 24 2012

    Congratulations! I hope their decks ended performing well, Talrand is a good card to build around.

  2. Steve
    Aug 24 2012

    Congrats to Dr. Skillz and thank you for your helpful advice as well.

    I would also like to thank Jay & Jimi for a very generous gift of Magic cards which my two boys received yesterday. You have made two boys very, very happy!

    • Aug 24 2012

      Just glad that we in some small way could help make joy from tragedy!

  3. Edward
    Aug 26 2012

    Congratulations to Dr Skillz, and also good to hear Steve’s boys got some shiny new cards to play with! 🙂 Thanks again to everyone for the feedback!

  4. Aug 26 2012

    Thanks everyone! The cards are going to be good, but I’m really just glad I could give advice to players like me, who are still trying to make their decks- and grasp of the game- better. Anyway, I’m still deciding, but I think it’s either Wild Rush or Odric’s deck for me. I’m still trying to make a Green-Black work and my friend’s playing White tokens, so they would help us. I feel as if Talrand’s concept is already tired, me and my friends already have everything for Exalted, and Krenko is just bad.

    • Aug 27 2012

      Great, let me know which one you decide upon! I shot you an email when I published this, just shoot me a reply when you’re ready.


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