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July 3, 2012


News: M13 Intro Pack Decklists Revealed!

by Dredd77

If you haven’t already, head on over to the mothership for today’s Daily Arcana.┬áThis┬átime around Wizards has jumped out early with the decklists for the Intro Packs of Magic 2013, and they’re ready for inspection!

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  1. After playing Odric, I already knew that it was an easy decision if the deck came with Odric, his signature spell, Captain of the Watch, and her signature spell.

  2. Icehawk
    Jul 3 2012

    Nice. Actually bought this years DotP and am enjoying it. Glad they put Planechase in it as both a solo and multi-player bit. Too bad they didn’t put Archenemy as far as I can tell. Even just a Bolas vs X, Y, and you would have rocked.

    Thinking of picking up Odric and the demon one.

  3. Varo
    Jul 3 2012

    The black (and white) exalted one seems the best of the bunch, but the white and blue ones are also interesting. Packing a good legendary creature makes them very attractive in my opinion.

  4. Jul 3 2012

    Green seems weakest of the pack, if you’ll pardon the pun. Blue looks like fun, but the white and black are battling it out for the title of the best.

  5. If I was a betting man, I would actually put my money on Yeva. Mana cost could be a problem, but on second inspection it looks like it even has the proper ramp down.

  6. Helmuth Goetz
    Jul 4 2012

    I was kind of excited about the Goblin deck, but after seeing the deck list… I don’t know… There are more non-goblin creatures in it then goblins. Don’t think i’ll be buying it.
    The exalted deck seems pretty fun, might pick one up.
    I think I’m gonna wait for a review of the decks before I make a decision in which one to buy =)

  7. Nathalie Goddy
    Jul 4 2012

    They’re all solid. The blue deck has the most interesting cards and the green decks has two high-profile, competitive cards; the black deck offers the least in terms of value but it could be fun to play, while the white deck looks unusually tight with two very complementary rares (I wouldn’t be surprised if this deck turns out to be the ‘best’ of the lot). The only misfit here is the red deck, but well, red hasn’t got much to work with in this set to begin with.

  8. Nick
    Jul 6 2012

    Just to back up the red deck, which isn’t getting much attention, the rares work extremely well together. Throw in some more krenkos and krenkos commands and another fervor or two and it would be great. The green instants back it up fairly well, but I’d probably drop green from it in exchange for more goblins if I bought it. For me it’s still a toss up between soldiers, exalted, and goblins though.

  9. poop
    Aug 2 2012

    i blieve that the blue deck is the most valuable and interesting deck, but the black white exalted deck have some pretty good cards too, cant decide which one I will buy


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