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March 5, 2012


The 2005-2007 Preconstructed Deck Championships

by Dredd77

Greetings players and sports fans of all ages, and welcome to another installment of the greatest competitive spectacle in all of preconstructed Magic! That’s right, it’s that time of year again and we’re ready to crown a new champion. As has become custom, in the Autumn we’ll be looking at the most current season, while in Spring (as now) we go back through the game’s history. There were thirty-one precon decks released for the 2005-07 season, and in the weeks ahead they will enter the arena. Two will battle, one will advance. When the last deck has fallen, who will remain standing to take their place in the Hall of Champions, alongside such legends as Dead Ahead (2008-09)Eldrazi Arisen (2009-10), and Duel Decks: Elspeth (2010-2011).

The 2005-07 season was a busy one for popular sets. Sure to excite are the ten decks from Ravnica block. That’s right, the guilds are going to war! They’ll be facing some stiff competition along the way. Although no premium products were released during this time (ir Duel Decks, Event Decks, etc), they’ll be facing down the ranks of Time Spiral block. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll even have the decks of Coldsnap and Ninth Edition mixing it up and looking for their shot at glory. We’ve randomly seeded all of the decks (including one bye), and here’s how this season’s battles will be shaping up.

The Prediction League

Since the very beginning of the competition, readers have enjoyed trying their hand at predicting the results of the matches, March Madness style. In our last competition we went all in and made a contest/competition out of it with a prize for whomever picked the most winners. It was such an overwhelming success that not only are we bringing it back, we’re expanding the prize pool! For those new to the site, here’s how it works:

A few days before each Championship article, we’ll post the upcoming matchups and call for predictions for each match. Each person that participates will get 1 point for each match they correctly predict the winner of. Points will be earned for the duration of the event, and the reader with the most correct picks (most points) at the end of the Championship will be the winner! We’ll keep track of the points, and routinely post them for everyone to see on a ‘leaderboard.’ In the event of a tie (two or more readers with the same amount of points), the winner will be determined at random.

As before, each Championship article will go up on either Saturday or Sunday (whichever day we don’t post a regular deck review). The call for predictions for that week will go up about four days before the results are posted, giving everyone plenty of time to get their predictions in. If you didn’t participate in our last Championship but would like to see how the League works in action, take a look!

So what are the prizes? We’re glad you asked! The winner will get their choice from amongst three prize packages.

  • Prize Package A: All three Dissension theme decks (Azorius Ascendant, Rakdos Bloodsport, and Simic Mutology), brand new in sealed boxes AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.
  • Prize Package B: All five Ninth Edition theme decks (Army of Justice, Custom Creatures, Dead Again, Lofty Hights, and World Aflame), brand new in sealed boxes AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.
  • Prize Package C: Two Intro Packs from Avacyn Restored AND a draft set (3) of Avacyn Restored boosters.

Something for everyone, and a worthy prize for the winner! Last season Icehawk ran away with an an early lead, and was just able to hold onto it as he crossed the finish line. We’ll be looking for more prediction excitement in the nine weeks ahead!

Look for our our first call for Nagle Division predictions to go up this Wednesday, so have a look at the field, gather your thoughts and prepare to make your guesses- the 200507 Preconstructed Deck Championships have arrived!

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  1. Varo
    Mar 5 2012

    Precon Championship!!!! Today is a good day 🙂

  2. Scorium
    Mar 5 2012

    This year I’m joining the league! It will be more fun to read the matches this way.

  3. fillip
    Mar 5 2012

    so…just copy all of Icehawk’s predictions 😀

    LOL, just kidding!

  4. ddaroo
    Mar 5 2012

    Just made my account to play this time. Can’t wait!

  5. tenthtechpriest
    Mar 6 2012

    will we get to choose which two AR intro packs we get if we win, or will it be determined by you once said packs are out?

  6. Diennea
    Mar 6 2012

    Ok, time to do better than last time. I aim to 15 points instead of 12 😀

  7. Icehawk
    Mar 9 2012

    It’s back!


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