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February 26, 2012


Coming Soon…

by Dredd77

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  1. Feb 26 2012

    I am totally looking forward to this. Rooting for beyond the grave and suspended sentence. Just one question, what’s the name of the card on the bottom next to experiment kraj and that avatar guy?

    • Jenesis
      Feb 26 2012

      After a little digging I’ve figured out it’s Baleful Stare, from 9th Edition. No idea which theme deck it’s in though.

  2. errtu
    Feb 26 2012

    Yes! I’m going for Graveborn (and this time I’m sticking with it, no matter the odds). Looking forward to all matches!

    • Feb 26 2012

      I hate to inform you, but graveborn was made in 2011 and this is the 2005-2007 tournament

    • Feb 28 2012

      Abe’s right, this one is from a past block. Don’t worry, we’re excited to see Graveborn in action ourselves and it gets its turn later on in the year!


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