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January 11, 2012


News: Images of the Dark Ascension Intro Packs Revealed

by Dredd77

Just a quick note this morning directing you to head over to MTG Salvation if you haven’t done so already, and check out the pictures of the Intro Packs that have turned up. No deck lists yet, but we do have names and faces- a great start!

At present, the decks appear to be:

Dark Sacrifice (B/W)

Grave Power (G/U)

Monstrous Surprise (R/G)

Relentless Dead (U/B)

Swift Justice (W/R)

A great teaser of things to come!


UPDATE: The decks- and a little blurb about each one- were featured in Magic Arcana! Won’t be much longer before we see deck lists.

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  1. Icehawk
    Jan 11 2012

    It looks promising. Looking forward to the set after it and its namesake. Looking mostly forward to possible commander inclusions.

  2. Montesque
    Jan 12 2012

    My guesses: B/W Dark sacrifice: Centering on the multitude of black creatures which get bonuses for “eating” humans (at least the spoilers seem to indicate there’s a multitude) combined with the White Human token generators coming out with DA,

    Grave Power: G/U self mill deck with boneyard worms, ghoul tree, maybe Splinterfright as other rare, constructed version of currently common limited archetype.

    Monstrous Surprise: R/G Requisite showcase of the new mechanic, Undying

    Relentless Dead: B/U Finally the zombie precon!

    Swift Justice: Fairly standard Boros deck…maybe with human token generators as well?

  3. tenthtechpriest
    Jan 12 2012

    New information from the mothership that may be pertinent: the foil rare and blurb for each deck.

    Swift Justice feat. Requiem Angel (5W)
    When you’re surrounded by things that want to kill you, kill them first! Fearlessly lead your creatures headlong into battle, and their ferocity will win you the day.

    Relentless Dead feat. Havengul Runebinder(2UU)
    Legions of shambling zombies await your command. Unleash your hordes to overwhelm your enemies, then raise an army of the dead with good old-fashioned necromancy.

    Monstrous Surprise feat. Flayer of the Hatebound (5R)
    Just when your enemies think you’re down, you emerge stronger than before. If your creatures die, they return with a vengeance.

    Grave Power feat. Ghoultree (7G)
    No need to fear death—it just makes you stronger! Fill your graveyard with creatures and then reap the rewards on the battlefield.

    Dark Sacrifice feat. Fiend of the Shadows (3BB)
    The dark powers require a sacrifice, and now you can satisfy their diabolical demands. Your reward? Power to vanquish even the strongest foes.

    As of this post, only Ghoultree has been previewed/leaked. That said it sounds like an interesting batch, and the fact that what seems to be the ‘human’ deck shifted into red is rather intriguing for me from a flavor perspective. I’ll most likely be picking up Relentless Dead, been meaning to dip into some zombie goodness. And if Havengul Runebinder doesn’t have awesome synergy with Havengul Lich I will be eternally disappointed.


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