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November 30, 2011


Contest: A Very Kamigawa Christmas

by Dredd77

How many of you never quite seem to get enough Magic: the Gathering under the tree each year? As some of you know this past week Ertai’s Lament hit a major milestone- half a million views since we began! And so we present our latest giveaway.

We’re absolutely delighted at the support we’ve received from the Preconstructed Community, and for this holiday season to celebrate we’re giving something back.

This season, we’ve put together a Christmas Care Package full of precon goodies you’ll be sure to enjoy. We don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we’re giving away a trio of Theme Decks- including one from Urza Block! There’s also an Intro Pack from a newer set, an Ultra-Pro official deck box, and a limited edition Magic: the Gathering t-shirt- the kind you could only grab at Magic Celebration if you plunked down for a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit. And hey, we’ll throw in a half-dozen Fat pack deck boxes while we’re at it.

Good tidings we bring...

Some quick fine print before we get to the good stuff. One of the theme decks is open- we snared it new at the Wellfleet Flea Market on our vacation in case anyone wanted to play, only to find out when we got home we already owned it. Another one has the box opened but the deck is still pristine and shrinkwrapped, as that’s how it was when we bought it. Everything else is shiny and new. And I wrapped the gifts, not Jimi, so you know who to laugh at!

How to Win

Well, it being a “Kamigawa Christmas” and all, we’ll be selecting one person at random who’s left a comment from the articles that will be going up on Ertai’s Lament reviewing the Champions of Kamigawa decks (starting with yesterday’s). Nothing says holidays like community, so chat away- talk about the decks, our reviews, or your thoughts about the set’s themes, flavour, or anything else! Replies to other comments? Great! Favourite Kamigawa memories? Sure! Or if you didn’t play back then, tell us what you think of a set with this much flavour baked into the cards, not unlike today’s Innistrad. We don’t like contests with high hurdles to enter, so any reasonable comment qualifies- as we like to say, something a little bit more than “cool deck, kthxbai.”

Also… we’ll be sending out a message tomorrow on Twitter announcing the contest. Just retweet it for an extra chance to win!

The deadline for entry is 6:00pm (EST) on Thursday, 15 December. We’ll be picking a winner that very evening, in the hopes that we can get their address and send Santa on his way so that it arrives before Christmas does. We’ll randomly select one commentor from each of the eight review articles (it might be the same person more than once, since leaving additional comments increases your chance of being picked) and put their names in a hat. Then we’ll pick a random name from the Twitter re-tweeters and put their name in a hat, and then draw our grand prize winner from those nine. Again, you don’t have to leave a comment on every Kamigawa article to win- but it certainly helps your chances!

Good luck to everyone, and we hope you will enjoy our visit to the land of Kamigawa, as well as the upcoming holiday season. As always, thanks for reading!

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13 Comments Post a comment
  1. Lolinsworth (Jonathan)
    Nov 30 2011

    By far one of my favorite sets. Sweet giveaway!

  2. Nerethos
    Nov 30 2011

    I’m excited! I know for sure I’ll be rolling to try and get some generous loot!

  3. Elbridge Luther
    Nov 30 2011

    I lovem Kamigawa. I blew all my lunch money in high school on Betrayers and Saviors. My current favorite deck is my Faerie Ninja deck which as you can probably tell has quite a few ninjas. No Inkeye though. Was never THAT lucky *sigh*

  4. Icehawk
    Nov 30 2011

    I sense a sudden surge of posters. 😛

    Thanks for another contest!

  5. Werekill
    Nov 30 2011

    Sounds cool! I suggest adding a limit to the number of entries per article; that’s just asking for spam, haha.

  6. fillip
    Nov 30 2011

    ah, my favorite block at last. I’d second Werekill’s motion for some sort of spam control, although I don’t recall that being much of a problem in the past.

    • Nov 30 2011

      It’s definitely a concern, but as you note when we’ve done this in the past we’ve never had a problem so it’s more of a “watch and wait” approach here. Since we reserve the right to discount spammy posts or those that don’t add anything (in other words, posts to pad a post count in the hopes of gaming the system), there shouldn’t be much incentive to fluff it up in the threads. More than once I’ve noted that EL seems to avoid a lot of the nonsense that plagues other online communities- excessive personal attacks, flaming, trolling, spamming etc. Maybe the Precon players are just a cut above? 😀

      • Werekill
        Nov 30 2011

        Since fillip’s favorite set is Kamigawa, I’d say that not all of us are that much of a cut above. 😛

        (I kid, I kid!)

  7. MiniLuv
    Dec 1 2011

    Thanks so much for doing this=] Looking forward to the reviews.

  8. Dec 2 2011

    Indeed, Thanks for the contest.

  9. benwsf
    Dec 5 2011

    Thanks for starting this contest, it encouraged me to start commenting and playing with more precons.

  10. Steven
    Dec 9 2011

    The Kamigawa theme decks were… Well l, underpowered to say the least, with one notorious exception: Rat’s Nest. I personally bought no less than 20 or 30 copies of east nests, and traded many, many Umezawa’s Jitte during that time. I also, (no surprise) have something like 60 Throat Slitters lying around.


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