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November 23, 2011


News: Wizards Announces Next Planechase Expansion

by Dredd77

Those tuning into Daily Arcana on the mothership got an extra treat today with the announcement of the second Planechase release, due next June. Taking one of the smartest pages out of the Commander playbook, these will also feature new Magic cards never seen before in any set, and introduce a new type of oversize card: the Phenomenon! Commander players get some more love, too, with additional Legends (including a ‘wedge Legend’ spoiled today). Head on over and check it out!

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  1. Icehawk
    Nov 23 2011

    Sweet! I could use a few more planes adn those new things. 😉 Though that does mean I’ll need more oversized card proctectors… Those things are a little annoying. Wish they were like normal sleeves and top loaders, not side.

    • Icehawk
      Nov 23 2011

      Curious names for the decks. 1 is bound to be a super hot preseller. I know how the internet is with those little guys.

      Interesting to note they also said Commander stuff is on the way too. Though the multiplayers cards and all in these would surely fit that bill. I’m glad the MSRP stayed at 20 bucks. Can’t afford more than one 35 buck deck every few months.

      • Rdn
        Nov 23 2011

        Why would ‘Chaos Reigns’ bound to be a super hot preseller?


        • Icehawk
          Nov 23 2011

          😉 I was referring to Ninjas.

  2. Jon S
    Nov 23 2011

    I love the original plane chase so this is great news

  3. tenthtechpriest
    Nov 24 2011

    Please tell me this means we’re finally getting a B/U ninja legend.

    4 color legends would be nice too, though hard to sell in a pre-con.


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