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October 11, 2011


News: Wizards Spoils Innistrad Event Decks

by Dredd77

If you haven’t seen them yet, head on over to today’s Arcana on the mothership for the strategy and decklists for Deathfed and Hold the Line! With a release date of 10/29, you can be certain we’ll be giving them the full Ertai’s Lament treatment!

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  1. errtu
    Oct 11 2011

    The mono-white deck seems very fast and playable. I’m not too sure about the 3-color deck, though the Green Sun’s Zenith is certainly nice.

    • Oct 11 2011

      i would agree on that assessment. Adding swamps in simply to flashback the Forbidden Alchemy and the spider card seems like something of a non-issue- you want the deck to play quickly, activating flashback isn’t that important when there are 12+ cards in the deck that fill the graveyard. Plus its always dissapointing when they give up two rare slots to a card that isn’t even in the set that the deck is supposed to be showcasing. Kessig Cagebreakers would have been just as on theme.

  2. Icehawk
    Oct 11 2011

    I may grab a Hold the Line even though I already have a 2 mono-white decks with 1 being a soldier deck.

  3. fillip
    Oct 11 2011

    I’m definitely getting the UBG deck; it looks like fun. Mono-white humans is just yawn.

  4. SilverFlash
    Oct 12 2011

    Do you think that the UBG deck will be able to even compete with a deck like hold the line? I think the idea sounds really fun but if it can’t hold its own it wouldn’t be much fun haha

  5. Jay
    Oct 12 2011

    I loaded both decks online and the UBG one holds its own suprisingly well. The spider card is actually really good in the deck, much more so then at first glance. The white deck is exactly what everyone expected.

  6. SilverFlash
    Oct 14 2011

    That’s great to hear it sounds like a really fun idea and I think I’m probably going to go with that one. Looking forward to it.


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