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October 3, 2011


Whispers of the Muse: Julián R’s Vampire Onslaught (M12 Event Deck)

by Dredd77

Welcome once again to Whispers of the Muse, the occasional series where a reader submits a deck they’d like some advice on, and we turn it over to you, the community! Our letter this time comes from Julián R, who had this to say:

Hello, my name is Julian and i’m new in MTG. I’m from Argentina and prices here are quite expensive. Nevertheless I want to make a fun deck. The preconstructed deck I’ll use is Vampire Onslaught.

I read your review and I really like it and I like vampires too of course. What I wanted to know if this is a good deck to start. Also I saw some Black cards that I’d like to use and I want your recommendation if I should use them or not (always in Standard mode).

The cards are the following: Captivating Vampire, Bloodline Keeper // Lord of Lineage, Despise, Surgical Extraction, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Bloodchief Ascension. If I should put one of them in which amount?

Let’s begin with the stock decklist for Vampire Onslaught:

So who has some thoughts on how to improve Vampire Onslaught? And if we updated it to Standard, what might it look like?

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  1. Werekill
    Oct 3 2011

    Adding some Kalastrias and taking out the bloodthrones is a good start.

  2. Vic
    Oct 3 2011

    From another review site I got this list I ran it in this form and killed other vampire decks running a lot more expensive cards and even beat some versions of valakut

    The original listing wanted 1 bloodlord of vasagoth and 1 lashwrithe or malakir bloodwitch. I didn’t have the lashwrithe and I found that bloodwitch and vasagoth were never useful in my victories. I replaced the two with captivating vampire and dropped a land for 1 more blade of the bloodchief. The entire deck is 3 or less cmc.
    Probably could cut 1 or 2 more lands.

    4 kalastria highborn
    4 viscera seer
    4 bliodghasts
    4 vampire nighthawk
    4 vampire lacerator
    2 captivating vampire
    2 vampire hexmage
    4 gatekeeper of malakir

    4 dismembers/doomblades
    2 go for the throat

    4 verdant catacombs
    19 swamps
    3 blade of the bloodchief

  3. Vic
    Oct 3 2011

    But now that 98% of this deck has rotated out it’d be best starting from the ground up.

  4. Szadek
    Oct 3 2011

    if you want to play Standard, that limits your options a little. Zendikar block’s cycled out, so you couldn’t use bloodchief ascension if you wanted. My opinion is to go for extended. But otherwise….

  5. Volrath
    Oct 4 2011

    It’s no more a standard deck, so add 4 dark rituals for ultra speed 🙂

  6. Julian R
    Oct 4 2011

    Hi guys. thank you for your comments and thanks ertais lament for posting these, i really apreciate that.
    i’ll keep on reading your comments and i will make my decision based on them.
    thanks again and we keep in touch.

  7. jarom
    Apr 19 2012

    i would really want to watch a vs of this deck vs hold the line i know one is extended and the other is standard but damn…two deck with pretty good sinergies i wanna see that.
    so ertais would u give it a try?


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