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August 28, 2011


Whispers of the Muse: Christopher G’s “Blood and Fire”

by Dredd77

We’ve had a number of Whispers of the Muse submissions as of late, and the preconstructed community has been offering up some great guidance! The next deck to go under the scalpel today is Magic 2012’s Blood and Fire, the deck built around the returning bloodthirst mechanic.

We heard from Christopher G, and he had this to say:

I’m new to Magic and I tried to rebuild it as a red/green deck, but that failed miserably. I’m trying to rebuild it as a full-red deck with some artifacts and I’m working on including some dragons into it, while still utilizing the Bloodthirst mechanic on which this deck is based upon.

I want to keep it legal for Standard and keep it within the M12 Core Set blocks, but feel free to include any cards from any other 2011 sets or expansions if you feel the M12 set isn’t up to it.

Here’s the stock list of the original deck, to see what Chirstopher’s been working on.

Christopher has already done some tinkering, and he enclosed his latest effort:

Adds Christopher:

So far I haven’t tested this out yet, so I’m not sure if it will do well. I’m trying not to unveil it to my friends yet until it’s ready to kick ass.

So folks, who has some suggestions for Christopher to tighten up Blood and Fire and let him ‘unleash hell’ upon his foes and enemies?

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  1. Icehawk
    Aug 28 2011

    When it comes to red, there’s one spell I like sticking 2 of in any deck. Reverberate. Especially with the new flavor text “For every action, there is a swifter and more violent reaction.” Just perfect. There’s always something I’d love to copy and share. Just like how my love of blue grants me Redirect in my decks. Just a fun pair of cards.

    Now onto M12 in general:
    The obvious thing would be to grab more bloodthirst cards. The hellkite is nice, but I think you could be a bit more aggressive with burning and all and win before you’d be able to get it out.

    I don’t know. I’m not really a fan of the bloodthirst creatures that lack any other ability. It’s cool to get a boost but what else does it do? The Hellkite at least has flying. You know? Haven’t looked much into the red part of M12, so I can’t say much more there.

    Colossus, the giant, and such: I’d take it out your deck and replace it with either more burn or something else red. Maybe another Stormblood. a 3/3 only blockable by 2 or more creatures for 2 is nice.

    With your Chieftains, your starting down the goblin deck road. Still could use bloodthirst with Blood Orge, but the more goblins you have the more your using Chieftain to you advantage.

    Warstorm is nice, but I feel it comes out too late without any way to ramp into it early.

    I don’t play limited, so I’m just going by my gut which is set for casual play. If you go standard, you get more burn options as well as I bet superior dragons.

    A fireball never hurts. Late game could seal the deal.

  2. Aug 29 2011

    I see red, lots of red! Shrine of Burning Rage loves lots of red spells.
    I believe four goblin fireslingers might work better then two slingers and two arsonist. The fireslingers can do their work without dying.
    Goblin arsonist is fun with Goblin grenade tho.

    i would remove:
    Circle of flame
    Goblin chieftang
    bone breaker giant
    goblin bangchuckers
    Goblin arsonist

    and include:
    Shrine of Burning rage x4
    Chandra from m12 x1
    Grim lavamancer
    Fireball (you will love fireball)

  3. Aug 29 2011

    4 Incinerate
    4 Grim Lavamancer might be a good start

    Incinerate feeds the Lavamancer, enables Bloodthirst and gives you more “reach”

    Lavamancer enables Bloodthirst and gives you reach as well

    Fireball does all the above and could be huge late game

    Maybe 4 Vandals if your friends play Tempered Steel or Birthing Pod

  4. Agent-Of-Bolas
    Aug 30 2011

    Chris here, thanks a bunch for all the input guys! With your help, this deck is gonna OWN.

  5. Hireling
    Aug 30 2011

    RE: Icehawk:

    Bloodthirst is a great budget aggro mechanic. There’s nothing more frustrating than to slower more control oriented players than being forced to do anything. That’s why they play control–they can’t stand to be put into a bind. If they don’t start blocking your chumps early and often you will suddenly have a huge tempo advantage. Now, the real question is how to trigger bloodlust and also how do we curve into our 2, 3 and 4 drop bloodlust creatures *while* pinging our opponent.

    My favorites for landing early damage on opponents to trigger bloodlust are, in order of best to worst:
    1. Gut Shot
    2. Tormented Soul
    3. Goblin Fireslinger

    Gut Shot is the obvious winner because it’s free and can be splashed into any deck. Tormented Soul is a close second. It curves perfectly with Stormblood Berserker or Duskhunter Bat and is usually left alone once your bloodlust creatures hit the table. This fact couple with being unblockable makes it the perfect target for powerful equipment like the Piston Sledge. Goblin Fireslinger is also a great enabler, but much more narrow than the Soul. I might even consider Scepter of Empires in this kind of strategy. It comes down on turn 3 (right before Gorehorn Minotaurs) and isn’t has easily removed as a creature.

    My suggestions to Mr. G woud be to up the Stormblood Berserkers to a playset (4 of) and add one more Gorehorn Minotaur. You don’t want one in your opening hand, but you definitely want on on turn 4. Also, get yourself a playset of Gut Shot! You’ll be surprised at how often you can drop a bloodthirsty Stormblood Berserker on turn two. When looking for what to drop, go for cards that are analogous, but that don’t propel your theme (bloodlust) forward–vanilla creatures, spells that screw up your mana curve or spells that are gimicky or play to some other combo.

    Good luck and good gaming.


  6. Virideon
    Sep 14 2012

    They’re not from Magic 2012, but if you can get your hands on any Death Sparks (reprinted in Coldsnap), I’d say they’re highly worth considering. One red mana to damage something at instant speed may not seem great, but if there’s a creature on top of the spark in your graveyard, you can pay one mana during your upkeep to return it to your hand. So, whenever one of your creatures dies, you get to reuse the spark – either to activate bloodthirst again, or simply kill a weenie.

    Also, Honden of Infinite Rage (from Kamigawa) is an interesting option – it’s a 3 mana enchantment, which deals 1 damage to a creature or player at the beginning of each of your upkeeps. A perfect Bloodthirst enabler.


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