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August 22, 2011


Whispers of the Muse: Jonah L’s Entangling Webs (Magic 2012)

by Dredd77

The decks are coming fast and furious as late, and today we have a new community challenge- how can we best improve Magic 2012’s Entangling Webs? Our latest request comes from Jonah L, who begins with the following.

I’m currently building a deck based off of M12’s Entangling Webs Intro Pack. My friend and I play Magic often, and he has a deck made only out of Champions of Kamigawa cards and basic lands. I want to do the same with M12. I only want basic lands and cards from M12 (reprints are ok as long as they are in M12) in my deck.

Jonah has already assembled his deck, and submitted the following list:

Besides the decklist, Jonah goes on to give some further thoughts about his deck:

This is one of my first decks I’ve created, but I’ve worked hard on it and think it just needs a little tuning. I pulled several Mythics from a Fat Pack and some booster packs (Including a playset of Primeval Titan and a Garruk, Primal Hunter). I’m willing to buy anything else, including Chandra, the Firebrand if you think it would benefit my deck enough, and since I already have some of the most expensive Green Mythics, there is really no budget. I definitely want to keep the spider theme the main theme of the deck, with a ramp up into the fatties subtheme. Really, I just want this deck to be tuned.

Suggestions are very appreciated!

So how about it, folks? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions for Jonah’s Red/Green spider deck?

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  1. Hireling
    Aug 22 2011

    Make some room for a playset of Blightwidow. They work perfectly with Arachnus Web–shrinking creatures it blocks so that Arachnus Webs applied later will stick. Also, it’s just a fantastic defender. Same cost as Giant Spider, same power and toughness, but with the bonus of having infect! Such a good creature for this strategy.


    • Aug 22 2011

      He only wanted to use cards from M11. Otherwise, good idea.

      • Jonah
        Aug 22 2011

        M12, not M11. I do own 3 Blightwidow, and was tempted to stick them in the deck, but I really want to stick with the M12 theme. Still, good idea for a standard deck!

        • Hireling
          Aug 23 2011

          Not to nitpick, but M12 isn’t a theme. It isn’t even a format. So I don’t see the harm in dipping into what would make the deck standard which is what most people play at kitchen tables without even knowing it. Even at the kitchen table, playing only the current basic set will really limit your options. M12 doesn’t have enough Spiders to support a tribal spider deck, imo.

          That being said, whatever your goal is I respect that.

  2. Aug 22 2011

    I dont think your mana curve is that well with the hellkite and only 5 mountains in your deck.
    Personally i would link the spider theme with an enchantment theme. Add a couple of mesa enchanteress with that deck and your spider tapping will net you some more cards in your hand. Get a couple of hexproof monsters like the Dungrove elder and the sacred wolf and enchant them with some green and or white enchants.
    Some mana ramp would be needed as well for the hefty cost of Garruk.
    As the spider theme sounds like a green control deck, the skinshifter will fit in it as well. 4/4 rhino or a 0/8 plant? you decide!

    some nice green/white enchants:
    Arachnuss web
    Angellic destiny (to bad its 2 white mana)
    Divine Favor
    Oblivion ring

    And finally let Garruk do your destroying after controlling the battlefield with your enchants.

    • Jonah
      Aug 22 2011

      I want this to be a red-green spider deck, not a Naya enchantment deck. I own Garruk, Primal Hunter, but don’t think it deserves a spot in the deck yet. He doesn’t help the deck with the spiders and there is really no reason to play him, especially since he screws up the mana curve.

  3. ubr
    Aug 23 2011

    I’d take out these cards:

    1x Furyborn Hellkite
    1x Garruk’s Horde
    1x Rites of Flourishing
    1x Solemn Simulacrum

    Furyborn Hellkite and Solemn Simulacrum doesn’t really vibrating with the spiders theme, and you already got spider fatties anyway . Rites of Flourishing is nice but it goes both ways. Garruk’s Horde is too expensive.

    My recommendation :

    1x Druidic Satchel
    It’s an interesting card that can get you token for blocking, free lands, or life. You can use it using your mana spare between summoning your accelerator and your fatties.

    1x Elixir of Immortality
    Recycle your graveyard and regain life that maybe lost in the beginning of the game.

    1x Warstorm Surge
    You can get free direct damage to enemy or enemy creatures every time Spider comes into play..

    1x Doubling Chant
    Perfect for deck with lots of 3 / 4 of creature cards

  4. Diennea
    Aug 23 2011

    Red doesn’t seem really necessary here, but I just looked at it very quicly.

  5. Lord Apparition
    Sep 19 2011

    I had just started playing only a couple weeks ago, and I got Entangling Webs as my first deck. I have been using the suggestions from the posts. So far I have have manage to win 3 way free-for-all and 5 way free-for-all. This deck is fricking sweet and it works very well. Cards I suggest are Sarkhan Vol and Coat of Arms.

    • Sep 19 2011

      Great to hear, and glad that the Whispers piece had some good ideas for you!


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