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July 23, 2011


Whispers of the Muse: Steve S’s “Mystical Might” (Magic 2012)

by Dredd77

We might be on vacation, but Ertai’s Lament never sleeps! We recently received this request from a reader, Steve S., who was looking for ways to improve his Mystical Might deck. With some extra boosters (as well as apparent trace elements of Life for Death and Devouring Skies, and Sacred Assault) of raw material ready to go, here’s what he had to say:

My son and I have just started playing Magic and we really enjoy collecting cards and talking about our decks. Now that we have a good number of extra cards from booster decks, I would like to try improving the Intro deck I just picked up… Mystical Might 2012 Core Deck.

I have switched out a few cards to increase the flying attack and include some other rares I already had but I’m not sure which ones and how many to add without making the mana curve too high. I would like to use the deck in Standard format.

Here is Steve’s current decklist:

Creatures (23)

Spells (13)

“However,” said Steve, “I have so many other cards I wish I could use as well. I will list a few and maybe I could get some advice on cards I should be using or ones to look for in trades.”

It’s great to see folks new to the game and already looking to tinker and meddle with what comes right out of the box. Who has some suggestions for them on their deck- what to keep in, what to take out, and what to track down?

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  1. Icehawk
    Jul 23 2011

    Straight off the bat, that Throne needs to go. Could replace it with your Augury Owl for a little draw control. Those Elixirs are nice, but not in this deck, imo. I like cancel, but its hard to say use it over Mana Leak. The Armor is nice, but it’s like the throne. Jus doesn’t fit to me. Between Pacifism and others in your short list here, you’ve got plenty of cards you can slide in. If you have any Foresees/cards to let you draw, I’d toss that in.

    Mind Control: I like it. Keep it or not comes down to all the following, which I should really have asked before commenting at all.

    What is your goal?

    I’m not seeing any real synergy. Lord of the Unreal demands to be a 4 of in any deck that is going to say be an Illusion deck. Do you want this to be one? If so, you should consider more illusions and less other. As it looks, the illusions here are going to hold you back more than help.

  2. Steve
    Jul 24 2011

    Right now, I’ m working with the cards I have. For example, I would like to use Mana Leak or more Lord of the Unreal but I don’t have them. Still, I hope to improve my collection through trades so this is still good advice.

    I have played a few matches with this deck so far and I have won all of them but it’s always close with just a few health left. The deck seems to take long to develop. That may just be that I wasn’t lucky enough to draw my low cost cards like Phantasmal Bear but in each match the little bit of healing from cards like Elixir or Kemba’s Skyguard kept me alive just long enough to get control of the board and pull out a win.

    Argentum Armor has won me a couple games with the destroy a permanent each time you attack ability but at 6 cost and 6 to equip and no other cards to reduce that cost, maybe it is too costly. I can understand how the Throne doesn’t really fit the theme. I guess I was thinking adding a blocker every turn for only 1 mana was a good way to chump block my opponents creatures while I press the air attack but that plan would take too long to get in place.

    As for my goal… well I guess thats where I need help. I could remove the illusions and the Lord and add more flyers. Would that be a stronger deck? If I take out the Throne and Armor should I replace with some other rares like Sphinx of Uthunn, Phyrexian Ingester and/or Aegis Angel?

    • Icehawk
      Jul 24 2011

      So understand with working with what you’ve got.

      I’d try out the Sphinx and Ingester. Aegis I’m not so sure about.

      I don’t know how much stronger or consistent this deck would get by removing the weaker illusions and Lord and replacing them with other stuff. For 1 mana, the bear is far from bad in my book. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that Silver Myr would be a addition.

      This has a making of a very aggressive deck, so that unsummon might just rock too. Any card draw you have too.

      I think 6-8 finishers would be more than enough. I think you’re close to that.

  3. Steve
    Jul 25 2011

    Ok, it sounds like I have spells that can be removed and creatures to add. If I remove Throne and Armor and replace with Silver Myr and Mind Unbound (for card draw), that puts me at 12 spells, 24 creatures and 24 lands.

    I still have a lot of good creatures to add though. What do I remove to make room for Sphinx or Ingester? Should I use Augury Owl, Neurok Invisimaster, Aegis Angel, Tresspassing Souleater, or any of the drakes and flyers? If I am keeping the bears and dragons is it worth keeping the 1 Lord of Unreal?

    I kind of like the Elixir but I could remove them and the two Cancel and replace with 4 Pacifism?

    • Icehawk
      Jul 25 2011

      I’d probably take out the bigger illusions, dragons for sure, and that lord. If you keep the rest really depends on what you have in your collections. Is a 2/2 for 1 with a self destruct better than say a 2/1 Elite Vanguard? It’s debatable. The dragon though is less so. If you take any illusions out, I think the Lord is likely to be ineffective and thus warrants removing. Play around and try a few practice draws. See what you come up with. Play against an imaginary opponent.

      Taking that stuff out should make room for those two finishers. May even make room for an Owl and Invisimaster.

      Pacifism or Cancel? Why not both? 2 of each. Try it out. I like control in any deck that uses blue, but I’m not everyone. With that you’d have a quite a bit of removal, in the shape of control, bouncing, exiling, and pacifying.

      I use excel for my decks. It lets me see my curve and all. I’d spread these cards out in stacks by CMC and general type (creature, instant, and all). See how yours is balancing out. I think its fine, but you never know. Should help you see if you’re back heavy or not yet. I typically try not to be.

  4. Steve
    Jul 25 2011

    That sounds like a good plan. My current set up has an average mana cost of 3.22. Looking through my cards one more time, I saw two Blinding Souleaters which I am tempted to use. Three of any mana cost and can tap creatures sounds useful. Maybe I will take out the skyguard or pegasus.

    Here is the current decklist:

    12 Island
    12 Plains

    24 lands

    3 Phantasmal Bear
    3 Hovermyr
    1 Silver Myr
    2 Stormfront Pegasus
    2 Kemba’s Skyguard
    1 Neurok Invisimancer
    3 Porcelain Legionnaire
    4 Aven Fleetwing
    1 Serra Angel
    1 Shattered Angel
    1 Aegis Angel
    1 Chancellor of the Spires
    1 Sphinx of Uthuun

    24 creatures

    2 Vapor Snag
    2 Pacifism
    2 Cancel
    3 Oblivion Ring
    2 Mind Control
    1 Mind Unbound

    12 spells

    • Icehawk
      Jul 26 2011

      If you want to give those a try, I’d go with removing that Pegasus. It’s a tough call between the two. Though Kemba could easily be replaced with Leonin Skyhunter from say the KvD deck.


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