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July 20, 2011


News: Magic 2012 Event Decks Revealed

by Dredd77

We knew they were coming, but now we get an early peek of what they’ll look like thanks to our friends over at MTG Salvation.

In an article about the fiture of Event Decks, I wrote over at QS that I expected future Event Decks to be mono-coloured and aggressive, and it doesn’t look like Wizards has disappointed! The two decks are:

  • Illusory Might: a mono-Blue tribal Illusions-based deck
  • Vampire Carnage: a mono-Black Vamps deck possibly incorporating bloodthirst

Once they launch we’ll have full reviews here at the Lament, and until then we’ll have something to look forward to!

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  1. Icehawk
    Jul 20 2011

    The blue one interests me. Can’t wait for the deck list!

  2. Hireling
    Jul 20 2011

    Exciting! I’ve been playing DoTPW on my XBOX and I love the blue illusion deck and the vampire bloodthirst deck with a dash of proliferate (strong, fun combo)!

    I hope these have a similar feel. 🙂

  3. Varo
    Jul 20 2011

    blue, Blue, BLUE! AGGRO BLUE!!! I need the deck list, now!

  4. MiniLuv
    Jul 21 2011

    I didn’t expect event decks for the core set. Interesting to see what the blue deck will be like since the illusions released so far have been sub par.

    • web8970
      Jul 21 2011

      Full agreement here – as Event Decks are designed to serve as an introduction to tournaments and Core sets are to attract new players, I do not see these two goals complementing each other …

      Anyway, blue aggro seems a refreshing strategy, and if beefed up with a tribal scent of illusions, they got me persuaded. Back in the days of Coldsnap I strived to build a deck around my Krovikan Mists but ended up with a control deck due to lack of tribal support. As per M12 … well we know what we got 🙂

      By the way, does anyone remember Exodus’ Mirozel, one of the most flavorful illusions ever?

  5. Diennea
    Jul 21 2011

    Great, my Chronozoas ave just found an home!
    Is it known already when the deck will be published?


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