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May 5, 2011


New Phyrexia Intro Pack Giveaway

by Dredd77

New Phyrexia is nearly upon us, and what better way to ring in the new set than to give away an Intro Pack to one of the excited precon community. That’s right, it’s another comment contest!

Here’s how it works:

Three days after we have posted reviews of all five of the New Phyrexia intro decks (Thursday, 26 May), we’ll tally up the comments left by everyone for each of the five decks. Comments on both the playtest and the review count, and you can post any number of times! (As always, posts must be at least reasonably substantive to count- “cool deck, kthnxbai!” won’t count).

Whichever deck has generated the most comments (between both halves of the review) will be the one that we will be giving away. To determine the winner, we’ll select one commenter at random who posted about that particular deck. (For instance, if Feast of Flesh got the most comments, one random commenter from the Feast of Flesh reviews will be selected to win- that’s right- Feast of Flesh).

You may want to be sure to leave a comment on each of the five decks to ensure you are in the drawing for whatever deck we end up giving away, but of course the amount of comments you leave is entirely up to you- as many or as few as you like!

We hope you’ll enjoy the New Phyrexia reviews as much as we’ll enjoy crafting them, and hey- a shot at a free Intro Pack is always a plus!

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  1. May 5 2011

    Great contest. I’ll be back to comment on the packs after this weekend’s Pre-Release. I’m really looking forward to Life for Death especially. Phyrexian Firebreathing (i.e. Immolating Souleater and Moltensteel Dragon).

  2. Jon David
    May 5 2011

    Haha, I won the last one.

    Eh, Lightning Bolts can strike twice (especially if your trying to take out a titan) and I just like commenting on all these anyway…

    Good Luck everyone!

  3. Stric9
    May 6 2011

    Congratulations Ertai on receiving product from WotC! It looks like this site is become more official and well recognized by the day!


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