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May 2, 2011


New Phyrexia Intro Pack Decklists Up!

by Dredd77

In case you missed it, the deck lists for the upcoming New Phyrexia intro packs has been officially confirmed on the mothership. A significant change that’s been noticed already is that both rares in the pack don’t necessarily come from New Phyrexia- SOM cards like Precursor Golem and Argentum Armor have found themselves a place in the new decks. Check it out!

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  1. Icehawk
    May 2 2011

    This set is lovely. Particularly the mini-lords for a certain stoney fellow.

  2. web8970
    May 2 2011

    That’s what caught my attention as well: Are they trying to artifically create a shortage of rares of the current set by adding rares from SOM to the Intros?

    Nevertheless, the idea of the WR version of compensating for Phyrexian mana by lifegain is brilliant … as is the final Simic version of spreading poison.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on them.

  3. May 2 2011

    It’s at least interesting that they’re including non-New Phyrexia rares, but I’d feel kind of ripped off if I didn’t know about that ahead of time. Sure, Precursor Golem meshes well with the deck, and Argentum Armor is boss, I’ll give you that. But Tower of Calamities is…well, I can see new players seeing it for the first time and being excited, but…I could just give one of mine to a new player without breaking a sweat.

    Also there’s the usual Core Set filler, but as always, there are cards WITHIN THE BLOCK that fit BETTER. Warlord’s Axe? Really? In a block that has tons of better equipment? REALLY? Incite just sucks, always. Solemn Offering, instead of one of the *multiple* similar cards in the block?

    I *am* glad to see a green/blue infect/proliferate combo deck in there, though.

    • May 3 2011

      Even though I understand the logic after reading Tom LaPille’s recent article on intro deck construction, I’m with you on some of the filler. I’m never thrilled to see it, especially when it comes through as worse versions of things there are better options for.

      • Icehawk
        May 3 2011

        I get the logic, but Giant Growth over the NPH Growth, seriously? It’s stuff like this that annoys me. Just baffling.

        Filler is rarely welcomed. Doesn’t matter if it’s food, writing, movies, or card games.

        • web8970
          May 4 2011

          Being able to cast +2/+2 at instant speed for 0 mana? We haven’t had that since Ravnica’s Convoke mechanic. If precons act as showcase for new players, why not use them as auch?

  4. web8970
    May 3 2011

    I’m a bit torn on the UB deck: As much as I like the color combination and the possible archetypes to build with it, the hard I can’t rid the impression that this is the least enthusiasticly constructed one.

    The premium rare looks nice – removal in creature form, but for 7 mana? The strategy itself, bringing out flyers and pumping them with equipment rather calls for W instead of B. What adds up, of the five given, this one seems the least specific to New Phyrexia. In other words: Without having New Phyrexia at my disposal, the strategy can be resembled more than well with ressources from SOM and MBS …

    What do you think about it?

    • May 3 2011

      Your initial look seems sound. I haven’t given these more than a cursory glance, as I usually start really digging through them when I’m sitting at the desk and ready to write a review, but the direction with all of them have intrigued me. I’m especially conscious of the concerns with the rares- did I really want another Argentum Armor here? I’m reserving judgment, because in some cases the SOM rare fits, but in others (see: Tower of Calamities) it seems like a dreadful rehash…


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