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February 1, 2011


New ‘Magic Beyond the Box’ Post Up: Great Designer Search 2

by Dredd77

As it turns out, there was a lot to report on when we stress-tested the intro decks through a precon gauntlet for the four finalists of the Great Designer Search 2. Ethan’s evolve deck got the write-up last Thursday, and the other three decks were too big to contain in just one piece! In today’s special Magic Beyond the Box, we look at Scott Van Essen’s Breakout from Malgareth, with its exciting breakout mechanic.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to design and develop intro decks, come check it out!

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  1. Icehawk
    Feb 1 2011

    Why this popped into my head as I read your post I don’t know, but… Actually I think the name Malgareth for some reason did it.

    Anyone have a feeling Mirrodin is going to be saved by dwarves surging from below or dropping from a giant megazord golem? With golem Foundry and now with it’s big bro, I just get a real dwarf feeling.

    Think I’ve been playing too much Dragon Age: Origins.

    • troacctid
      Feb 1 2011

      No possible way dwarves can surge from below, because we already know that Mirrodin is hollow and the core is controlled by Phyrexians. Also Mirrodin doesn’t have dwarves.

      • Icehawk
        Feb 2 2011

        Indeed. It was mostly in jest with all the golem stuff coming out.


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