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January 28, 2011


New ‘Magic Beyond the Box’ Article Up, Covering GDS2

by Dredd77

After a slight delay (due to my intrepid editor’s being without power in the blizzard), Magic Beyond the Box is up today at Quiet Speculation!

Today’s piece begins a mini-series on the Great Designer 2 deck testing we at Ertai’s Lament undertook last weekend. What are the decks? How did they perform? With the decklists now submitted to Wizards and undergoing the same process there for the next week or two, come take a look!

You can find the article here.

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  1. web8970
    Jan 28 2011

    Oh how I love +1/+1-counter shenanigans. I’m looking forward to seeing the Evolve mechanic on an actual upcoming set 🙂

  2. Icehawk
    Jan 28 2011

    I really like this evolve ability. I like it more than the ally ability. The flexibility and spins you could take on it just seem more fun. It’s a natural evolution of ally.

    Must be annoying in standard if anyone plays an ally artifact deck with proliferate. Eww. I know my allies tend to get beefy fast in my angel deck.

  3. Stric9 (aka Steve)
    Jan 28 2011

    I’m usually not interested in the actual design process of the game, but that article was fun to read. And I never even though of putting Proliferate into my Allies deck, Icehawk. That might just be a handy tool.

    • web8970
      Jan 28 2011

      Anyone ever considered adding Proliferate to a deck of Levellers? Those guys must be reaching up to glory like hasty flash-firststrikers …

      • Aaro
        Jan 28 2011

        I thought the proliferate mechanic might go well in a Thallid deck… (did I just date myself? haha)

        • Stric9 (aka Steve)
          Jan 28 2011

          Go Fallen Empires!! I have actual Thallid tokens (and Thrull and Spore) that I won from a contest on

      • Icehawk
        Jan 28 2011

        As much as I like my echo mage, I call him Kane, I wouldn’t make a leveler deck. Seems too mana hogish even with training grounds.

        Now proliferate plus training grounds, maybe. But I’d have to have other stuff in there to abuse the mechanic. Contagion Clasps, maybe a few allies, stuff to max out what my proliferate does. Make the mana spent on it seem like the best deal ever.


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