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January 8, 2011


2009-10 Precon Championships: Lauer Division (Part 2 of 2)

by Dredd77


Here we are once again, sports fans around the world and of all ages, to see the remaining division in the Forsythe Conference be decided! It’s all come down to these four: Kor Armory (ZEN), Invading Spawn (ROE), Leveler’s Glory (ROE), and Rapid Fire (WWK). By the end of the day, only one shall remain to move on and challenge for the divisional banner and right to represent the Confereince in the finals!

Here is the Lauer Division as it looks right now:

Now, let’s rumble!

Kor Armory vs Rapid Fire

Game One

Steady, early plays by Rapid Fire get things set up nicely with an early Fledgling Griffin followed by a Goblin Roughrider and Cosi’s Ravager. The Kor have some defense but a slow start, leading with a Kor Hookmaster and Aeronaut. The Aeronaut gets slammed by a Searing Blaze, while a Pilgrim’s Eye and a Kor Cartographer keep Fire’s damage train rolling with land fetches. Armory manages a Conqueror’s Pledge, but it’s not enough as Fire goes over the top for the win.

Game Two

After an initial mull, Armory has a strong draw: two Hookmasters, two Cartographers, a Plains and a Kabira Crossroads, drawing Armament Master then Serra Angel. Still, there’s only so much you can do on two land, as Armory is stuck there for most of the game. Rapid Fire nets a Kor Skyfisher, Pilgrim’s Eye and a pair of Cosi’s Ravagers. Armory Pacifies the Skyfisher on turn 5, then next turn Fire uses Narrow Escape to return it to hand, recasts it bouncing Teetering Peaks to hand, replays the Peaks for double-pings from the Ravagers and +2/+0 to the Pilgrim’s Eye. And so on it goes, until Armory dies a paindful death.

WINNER: Rapid Fire

Invading Spawn vs Leveler’s Glory

Game One

Glory does most of its heavy work on the back of a Caravan Escort and Makindi Griffin. The Escort is permitted to get to Level 4 before drawing a Bolt, but the Griffin lasts until the end. Unfortunately, that end is a win for the Spawn, with a Pawn of Ulamog, Bloodthrone Vampire, Lavafume Invoker, and ending with an Emrakul’s Hatcher and Magmaw. A defensive Sleep from Glory only delays the inevitable, which arrives in the form of Magmaw devouring Eldrazi Spawn.

Game Two

A fast one! Glory leads with a Student of Warfare, which draws the Bolt after hitting Level 2 and attacking. A Makindi Griffin takes her palce. Meanwhile, Spawn is stuck on Red having gambled by keeping a 1-land hand packed with goodies. Lavafume Invoker gets in some early hits around a Hedron-Field Purists, followed by an Emrakul’s Hatcher and Bloodthrone Vampire. The Purists get Corpsehatched (futilely Unsummoned in response), and the Spawn get there.

WINNER: Invading Spawn

Divisional Final: Rapid Fire vs Invading Spawn

Game One

Spawn gets off to a slowish start- a Bloodthrone Vampire and a Gloomhunter– while Fire is out early with a Kor Skyfisher, Kor Firewalker, and Prodigal Pyromancer. On the back-foot, Spawn must bolt the Pyromancer to save its critters. It manages to Corpsehatch the Firewalker, which was girded by Armored Ascension, then a Rapacious One gets out enough Spawn for a lethal 10-point Fireball.

Game Two

A fast and commanding start for Spawn that never lets up, it manages early plays in the form of a Bloodthrone Vampire, Gloomhunter, Dragon Whelp, and a risky Howling Banshee (played while at 8 life). Lined up against it are a Kor Cartographer, Ruin Ghost, and Fledgling Griffin. Early good plays by Fire aside- a Searing Blaze on the lone Vampire, then an Act of Treason on the Gloodhunter alongside a Teetering Peaks-buffed Griffin to swing for an unblockable 7- the deck never quite lives up to its potential.

WINNER: Invading Spawn

And so we have it! Invading Spawn will battle it out with Presence of Mind to determine the winner of the Forsythe Conference, and go on to battle the Rosewater Conference’s champion for the right to delcare itself the 2009-10 Preconstructed Deck Champion!

In our next and final article, we’ll have the thrilling conclusion to this epic series, where both Rosewater and Forsythe winners are decided, and square off for the final match of the season. Until that time, we leave you with…

Your 2009-10 Lauer Division Winner

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  1. Icehawk
    Jan 8 2011

    I think the Djinn are going to beat the Vampire Lady.

  2. web8970
    Jan 8 2011

    Alas, another Boros deck out of the race …


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