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January 3, 2011


And Now… Our Pack to Fortune Winner!

by Dredd77
A Smile to Greet the New Year!

Our Pack to Fortune New Year’s Eve activity was a delightful success, and gave us lots of amusement to read. As promised, we are giving away one draft set (three boosters) of Scars of Mirrodin to one lucky participant chosen at random, and that winner is Ninja!

Ninja, please check your email. Thanks to all those who posted and those who read- we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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  1. Icehawk
    Jan 3 2011


  2. web8970
    Jan 4 2011

    Ninjitsu for 2011, congratulations, may the new year be a joyful one.

  3. IUPUI_Guy
    Jan 4 2011

    Congrats, Ninja! Let us know if you open anything good in your packs.

  4. ninja
    Jan 4 2011

    Thanks guys!
    And thanks to Ertai’s Lament!

    Winning feels awesome!


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