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November 13, 2010


Contest: Ertai’s Meddling for Scars of Mirrodin!

by Dredd77

As you’ll see below, today we’ve begun rolling out the Ertai’s Meddlings for the Scars of Mirrodin preconstructed decks! For those newer to the site, Meddlings are occasional features begun during M11, where after thoroughly reviewing a deck, we then look to build upon it and improve it with other cards. Having fast become one of our most popular features, we thought we’d go ahead and thank our readers by holding another giveaway.

Like past contests, we’ll be using the ‘raffle’ system to determine our winner, but unlike past contests there’s only one way to get your name in the hat: comments on each of the five Ertai’s Meddling for Scars decks. For each comment left, you’ll be entered to win. As always, comments don’t need to be the great American novel, but should at least show you’ve read the piece or are adding to any discussion around it. We’re quite lenient at what qualifies, but what we want to avoid is a post of “Looks great, I agree” and nothing more, just for the sake of entering.

And the prize? We’re glad you asked, because we’ve got a little twist there as well.

The lucky winner, drawn at random at the close of the contest, will recieve one Scars of Mirrodin Intro Pack of their choice. In addition, they will also get all of the singles needed to convert their deck into either one of the two Meddling decks featured in each article. If we add it to either version, you’ll win it.

We don’t have a close date yet as the Meddling articles are still in production, but we’ll set the deadline as three days after the final of the five SOM Meddlings is posted. Good luck to everyone, and thanks for all your enthusiasm around the Meddlings!

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  1. errtu
    Nov 13 2010

    Looks great, i agree!

    j/k 😛

    Very nice to see this kind of contest. This site is fast becoming (one of) my favorite MtG site. And even though i just got a new baby girl, i’ll be sure to make some time to read and comment on the articles.


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