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November 8, 2010


Wizards Releases Fire & Lightning Deck List

by Dredd77

Today on the mothership, Monty Ashley has offered us up a teaser for the forthcoming second product in the Premium Deck Series line: Fire & Lightning. It releases on 19 November… have a look!

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  1. Nov 8 2010

    The cardlist looks like a showcase, in order to demonstrate to beginners what the color red can do. Albeit featuring some great rares such as the Figure of Destiny, Jaya Ballard or Ball Lightning, there are still too many one-of’s that seem to act rather as a best-of-red-gallery than a well considered strategy.

    Plus, I miss Incinerate with one of the most flavorful quotes in Magic’s history …

    November 19th will tell …

    • Nov 9 2010

      I agree with you on all points, and the inclusion of the Figure actually surprised me. Still, looking forward to seeing how it does, and we’ll be pitting it against the Premium Deck Series: Slivers as its playtest opponent… pardon the dreadful pun, but it should be a blast!

  2. fightcitymayor
    Nov 10 2010

    My first thought upon scanning the decklist was, “Umm… okay.” I guess I was expecting more interplay and less “Best Of Red” as was said above. I’m also confused about Figure Of Destiny, given how many red staples didn’t make the list (Manabarbs, Stone Rain, Shock, Incinerate, Earthquake) But the 4x Lightning Bolts were a nice touch, as if to say “You’ll need to use these! Frequently!” And Jackal Pup is a stretch in any deck, but c’mon: Mogg Flunkies?! Someone must have lost a bet or something (“What’s the dumbest card we could have put in here? Howzabout Mogg Flunkies?”) Despite the misses it’s got some useful individual cards, but I can’t see this being some killer must-have deck that ends up going for 3x retail on the secondary market. I bet Slivers runs wild on this thing.

  3. Icehawk
    Nov 11 2010

    The 4 bolts really surprised me but was nice. Get to foil them out in my RW deck. It’d be nice if this was dive like Slivers did. Sure I just started playing a few months ago, but I nabbed 2 of those for 35 bucks total. Still went ahead and preordered 2 of these, my first preorder of anything ever, for less than MSRP so I’m happy.

    In a way, I’d be surprised if Slivers losses. It has quite a bit more speed to it between the terramorphic thinning and all. Then again, it’s a rainbow deck. Should be a fun match up. Almost like PvC.

    Going to mash my 2 of these like I did my slivers.

  4. Nov 12 2010

    Slivers are awfully dangerous when appearing as a swarm, but my guess still goes with the red deck. Having had my share of losses against slivers, I’ve found out that the key to beating them is denying the opponent the freedom to amass them – which can be achieved by hitting them with burn spells right in time. However, with both deck lists being rather random, the element of luck and a good starting hand is not to be underestimated.

    Looking forward to the matchup!

    • Nov 12 2010

      As am I! The more I think about it, the more exciting the matchup will be because it almost seems to play into both decks’ strengths (and both decks’ weaknesses). Luck, endurance and tight play may well carry the field…


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