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August 19, 2010

Coming Soon: Ertai’s Meddling

by Dredd77

Ertai’s Lament is pleased to announce a forthcoming semi-regular series, the first installment of which should be on the site this week-end!

Since this site was started, we’ve found that one of the larger segments of our audience are players new to the game (or returning), who are using the Intro Decks as a starting point for their own building- a great place to begin! But often for the new player, deckbuilding can be a very unsteady thing (my own earliest efforts, for instance, were 120-card monstrosities), and a little guidance and suggestion can go a long way.

For those looking to build competitive Standard decks, there are plenty of resources online- just a few are in the ‘Links’ list in the right-hand margin. But for those players breaking into the game, regrettably there’s just not a lot out there. The Ertai’s Meddling series will deconstruct an Intro Pack deck and modify it into an improved version of itself. And along the way, we’ll be working off of one core assumption: you don’t need a ton of Rares and Mythics to make a fun, playable deck. The versions we tune will only have the Rares that came with the Intro Deck in the first place- all other tweaks will be with Commons and Uncommons, to keep them easy to build and affordable.

As always, feedback and testing is encouraged! If you like- or dislike- a change, say so, or make your own suggestions! Let us know what you’ve done to your own deck, and how that’s worked out for you. It’s our hope that the wisdom of the many can prove every bit as valuable as the wisdom of the few.

Thanks as always for reading, and look for the first installment of Ertai’s Meddling (on an M11 deck) coming soon!

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