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July 22, 2010


Ertai’s Lament Spotlighted on The Mana Pool!

by Dredd77

Well, okay, ‘spotlighted’ is a bit of a stretch, but we’re delighted at the mention in the latest podacast from The Mana Pool. As it turns out, lontime listener (and frequent reader here) Ben sent in an email recommending the site to the Mana Pool guys, and it sparked some discussion:

Mike: It’s called Ertai’s Lament… and the dude takes the precons that Wizards makes- they’re Intro Packs now- and he tests them out to see how they work and he analyzes how they’re put together and Ben thinks it’s pretty cool, so it might possibly be… pretty cool… so go there and find out whether it’s… pretty cool.

Brian: Yeah, we cannot guarantee or completely deny any coolness it may or may not have. And personally while I have not had the time to check it out, I’ve been busy with something- I’ll spare you the details- I do like that premise.

Check out the episode, which includes a long review section on notable M11 cards that’s quite enjoyable!

Thanks for the mention, fellas, and we hope you’ve found some time to stop on by and check the site out. And thanks to Ben for the good publicity!

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  1. Ben (Twitter: Panahinuva)
    Jul 22 2010

    You’re welcome! I wish they had checked it out beforehand so they could have talked about it more completely, but eh. Publicity is publicity is publicity is department of redundancy department.

    • Jul 22 2010

      That reminds me of one of the great Civ IV quotes as read by Leonard Nimoy ingame:

      “The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”

  2. Jul 22 2010

    You are quite welcome sir! We’re happy to help out with anything awesome, and this definitely qualifies!

  3. wolfgang winter
    Jul 26 2010

    i do believe that is where i found it… either that or i heard it on monday night magic… i try to avoid remember things that happen to not be as important as others…


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