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July 2, 2010


Announcing Our Contest Winners!

by Dredd77

At last, the dust has settled and the smoke has cleared, and after a week of furious commenting and following, the Ertai’s Lament Archenemy Contest has drawn to a close.

I’d like to thank everyone who visited and participated- this was a tremendous success, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the interest in the preconstructed realm.

But hey, who am I kidding, you’re here to see the winners, so enough outta me.

Were I a betting man, I probably would have bet on our grand prize winner, because there was hardly a post yet he didn’t comment on- both enriching the site, and maximising his chances to win at the same time. Here to present our Grand Prize winner is ErtaisLament’s own Jimi:

For runner-up, we have one of our Twitter followers! Awarding Second Prize are our very own Samantha and Neko (the Orzhov cat):

Congratulations to both! Kindly tweet me your preferred mailing addresses and which prize option you’d like (Grand prize was either 1 Archenemy box or 5 ROE or M11 boosters… Second Prize was an ROE or M11 Intro Pack or a trio of ROE or M11 boosters), and we’ll be underway. I must apologise in advance for a slight unnoticed delay with the holiday weekend, travel and all, but your parcels will be mailed within a week (assuming you didn’t take an M11 option, in which case we’re just waitingfor release). I’ll happily tweet you both once they are out!

By Way of Postscript

Like many players, I do fairly well in maintaining my Magic hobby, but am not so fabulously wealthy that I can afford to preorder a full-set playset every three months (good on ya if you are).

To that end, I’m always on the lookout for contests and giveaways, because unlike that sucker’s bet known as “the lottery,” the odds are pretty good and there’s no cost to enter. And even winning three booster packs is- hey- three more packs than ya had, who could complain?

Starting today, I’ll be keeping track on the blog of any and all contests and giveaways I come across. While that might theoretically lessen my own chances of winning, what’s good for all is good for each, right? Indeed, for your convenience and mine, this information will have its own tab. (It should be noted, though, that I’m just going to edit the page whenever new ones arrive and old ones conclude. Unlike feature articles, I won’t be clogging up your Twitter with updates).

So check back periodically… you never know what might be given away!

And if you happen to run a site that is doing a giveaway, feel free to notify us and we’ll be happy to list it.

Good luck!

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  1. Ben (Twitter: Panahinuva)
    Jul 2 2010

    Bwahahaha! I truely am the archenemy! And don’t worry. Just because I won doesn’t mean I’ll stop reading your blog. Worry not, comrade!


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