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June 28, 2010

2 Featured on DeckConstruct!

by Dredd77

Alright, so maybe featured is something of a stretch, but our humble little site garnered a welcome endorsement from Alex on the most recent episode of the DC podcast.

Here’s what he had to say:

Before we go today, I want to mention a couple of things. The first thing is a very cool website called And basically, this website is dedicated to preconstructed decks, so things like intro packs, Archenemy, Planechase, things like that- basically, decks that come readymade. And you’ll find reviews of preconstructed products on there, and even analysis of preconstructed decks as well, like for example the Duels of the Planeswalkers decks.

I think it’s a really good idea for a website, [one which] focuses really only on preconstructed deacks, and it might be especially handy to you if your focusing on coming back into Magic, or you just recently started Magic and you’re not sure about all the preconstructed products out there because quite a lot do come out with every set. So if you’re not sure about that kind of thing, then head over to the site and read some reviews, read some analysis of a few of the decks, and it will hopefully help you to decide on a deck that you might want to play.

For those new to the game and its culture, DeckConstruct has been around since 2007 and is one of the top Magic sites and resources around! DeckConstruct podcasts cover a range of topics, and the high production quality and thoughtful commentary really set it apart from many which (God love ’em) are just a fuzzy mic and a computer. The most recent podcast was a primer for newcomers to the game, and is well worth a listen. The website has also recently relaunched with strategy articles and forum, so if you haven’t before, make sure to stop on by!

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  1. Ben (Twitter: Panahinuva)
    Jun 28 2010

    Nice job, Ertai! It’s your first step towards getting big attention. I’ve put in some plugs of my own for you, so hopefully you’ll get some more traffic.

  2. Jun 29 2010

    Thanks! Although you wouldn’t know it from the volume of comments (yet), the traffic’s up tenfold since pre-contest. Am well pleased thus far.


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