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2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 6 and the Leaderboard

And it’s another week of exciting precon action in the books, folks! Four matches this past Saturday whittled the Turian Division down to four, and there were some real surprises in the arena! How did they fare- and how did our predictors do?

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Meddling Dangerous Knowledge

Another week, another Eldritch Moon Meddling! This week on Gathering Magic, I break down Unlikely Alliances with an eye for improving the deck. As with all Meddlings, I follow two ‘golden rules’ when it comes to brewing:

  1. I can only add in uncommons and commons. No rares or mythics!
  2. I can only use sets already contained within the deck (in this case, Shadows over Innistrad and Eldritch Moon).

Stop on by and let me know what you think!


2014-2015 Precon Championships: Turian Division (Part 1 of 2)

Welcome back! We’re almost halfway through the Championships, with the Rosewater Conference down to its final two contenders. It’s time now to head over to the Forsythe Conference, with some exciting Turian Division action.

We have four matches lined up today, and by the end of it the field of contenders will be cut down by half. One of these decks today will have a chance to go for gold- but first, they have to get past their opponents. Let’s head down to the pit, where the matches are underway!  Read more »


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 5 and the Leaderboard

Two down, two to go- divisional champions, that is! The Rosewater Conference is down to just two decks, and the winner of the conference finals will advance for its show to win it all. Honor, glory, and bragging rights at stake, let’s take a look at this past weekend’s action!  Read more »


2014-2015 Precon Championships: Tinsman Division (Part 2 of 2)

And we’re back! It’s a weekend of exciting Preconstructed Championship action as the four decks that advanced last week duke it out. Only one of them can advance as the divisional winner, they leave it all  on the line today.

Let’s head down to the arena, the first match is about to begin! Read more »


Meddling Unlikely Alliances

The Eldritch Moon Meddlings are here! This week on Gathering Magic, I break down Unlikely Alliances with an eye for improving the deck. Stop on by and let me know what you think!


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 4 and the Leaderboard

Four games down, and the Tinsman Division is more than halfway there to determining its champion for the quarterfinals! For our Prediction League, the results are a little less clear, as there’s still so much to play for!  Read more »


2014-2015 Precon Championships: Tinsman Division (Part 1 of 2)

In the six different Preconstructed Championships we’ve held to date, the Rosewater Conference has gone on to win a commanding four of them. With two each for the Nagle and Tinsman Divisions, you could say there’s a rivalry at play here that makes these games ones to watch early on.

After all, four of the decks in play today will be sent to the showers, and only one of them will manage to survive all the way through to the Grand Final, and its moment of destiny. Read more »


Eldritch Moon: Unlikely Alliances Review (Part 1 of 2)

Released in 1997, Weatherlight was the third set of Mirage block, but had only the loosest of ties to the first two sets (Mirage and Visions). Rather, the graveyard-focused Weatherlight was a prelude of sorts for a multi-block-spanning story called- surprisingly enough- the Weatherlight Saga.  Read more »


2014-15 Precon Championships: Round 3 and the Leaderboard

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and they’re not wrong- we’re already one division down with just three to go! This past weekend saw some exciting precon head-to-head action. We’ve got a Divisional Champion, and move on to the Tinsman Division! Read more »

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