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Whispers of the Muse: Max’s Deathfed/Grave Power (INN/DKA)

Although Innistrad block is now gone, it is far from forgotten! While many of its cards continue to see constructed competitive play, casual players too are using the flavourful designs from the sets to spur their own creative deckbuilding. Today’s Whispers of the Muse comes from just such an environment.

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News: Official Trailer Released for Tap: Max’s Game

You may recall back in October we made mention of a Czech film in production called Tap: Max’s Game. A “sports drama” based on Magic: the Gathering, it tells the story of a group of friends who return to the game after breaking apart and going their separate ways. When they look to reassemble the team for a shot at the national championships, they find a surprising nemesis: one of their own who’d turned his back on their friendship and gone pro.

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Tap: Max’s Game

Every once in awhile, you discover something which just seems to blend a few of your interests together in that chocolate-and-peanut-butter sort of way to make you really get excited at the prospect of seeing them all put together. As it happens, we here at the Lament are huge fans of Magic: the Gathering. Who knew, right? Beyond that, we take tremendous enjoyment from foreign cinema, because it affords us opportunities to look through windows to this fascinating world we might not otherwise have had. Finally, we really love a good, old-fashioned inspirational sports flick. Whether it’s Miracle or Hoosiers or, hell, Baseketball, there’s something irresistibly compelling about seeing a collection of underdogs line up for the kind of shot we all dream of- overcoming colossal adversity and emerging as heroes.

So imagine our enthusiasm today when we learned about Tap: Max’s Game. A film in the style of a sports drama from our friends in the Czech Republic (although we’ve not quite forgiven you for Jaromir Jagr’s hair), in Czech and about a group of friends who used to play Magic: the Gathering together. When one of them decides to begin playing again, it’s up to him to reunite the team for one last shot at glory on the big stage of the National Championships.

In other words, an absolute must-watch. Need more? Check out the official trailer.

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News & Notes 5/11/2013: Trickery, Tap II, Mind Swarm, and More!

Hey folks! Here are a few updates from the world of Magic and Ertai’s Lament!

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Support Tap 2 and Win Duel Decks: Izzet vs Golgari!

You might recall not long ago we promoted an independent film from the Czech Republic called TAP: Max’s Game. If, like us, you were excited at the prospect of the original, you’ll be thrilled to know that Kamil Beer and the gang are back and breaking ground on the sequel!

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