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Magic 2010: Nature’s Fury Review (Part 2 of 2)

It’s our first game of the series with Magic 2010, and Sam and I both are eager to dive in and see how the set plays. For her part, Sam’s picked up the Red/Blue¬†Firebomber to give my White/Green deck a run for its money. Who will come out ahead?

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Magic 2010: Nature’s Fury Review (Part 1 of 2)

By almost any yardstick, 2,600,000 is a pretty big number. Two days ago, jewelry thieves hit the Cannes film festival and made off with a necklace valued at 2.6 million dollars. Two months ago, eSports body Major League Gaming shattered previous viewership figures by pulling in 2.6 million spectators for a weekend of televised Starcraft II. Fans of golf might not be surprised that last month’s Master’s in Augusta racked up 2.6 million mentions on social media. Those of a more political bent might be concerned that according to a just-released study from USC, 2.6 million human beings in the state of California are undocumented- a full¬†nine percent of its workforce. By almost any yardstick, then, it’s a huge number.

When might it be a small one?

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