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Avacyn Restored: Humanity’s Vengeance Review (Part 2 of 2)

As a third act, Avacyn Restored was everything you’d expect to get out of, say, a Return of the Jedi. Pushed to the brink, the good folk of Innistrad have fought back from the precipice, emboldened by the return of their archangel. Fittingly, the last two Event Decks of the block give us the same monsters vs humans matchup, but today the tables are turned. PilotingĀ Humanity’s Vengeance, I’m joined at the table by Sam, who is at the helm of the Zombie-filledĀ Death’s Encroach. Let’s see how the Humans hold up!

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Avacyn Restored: Humanity’s Vengeance Review (Part 1 of 2)

After the initial release of the Event Decks with Mirrodin Besieged, the design of the product moved towards mono-coloured decks. After all, if the idea was to build a budget-conscious deck that had a limited card framework (read: limited rares and no mythics), then swift aggro was a perfectly viable avenue to take. Both New Phyrexia as well as Magic 2012 turned in single-colour offerings, but to continuously offer a rotating stable of such decks would surely doom the product to monotonous predictability.

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