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Innistrad: Hold the Line Review (Part 2 of 2)

Now it’s time to head to the field of battle, Innistrad Event Decks in hand, and put the decks to the test. In our review of the deck, we found Hold the Line to be an admirably aggressive White Weenie deck, but would it meet its match in the slower, stalling Deathfed? To find out, Sam took up the gauntlet of the three-colour challenge, and here are the notes from our match.

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Innistrad: Hold the Line Review (Part 1 of 2)

1998’s Urza’s Saga had a number of superlatives associated with it, not all of them proud and glorious. For instance, Mark Rosewater has labeled the set his “biggest mistake” in his Making Magic column on the mothership, and even went on to add that this set “was is the only time in the eight years that I’ve been working at Wizards that R&D as an entirity got pulled into the president’s office and was yelled at.” It was also the first set of a block that would go on to have the most cards ever banned from organised play.

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