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Commander: Heavenly Inferno Review (Part 2 of 2)

After a thorough reading of the rules insert for Commander, we’re ready to undertake our first game. We’ve got our playmats out with the oversize foils denoting the Command Zone, and a ton of dice. Our 99’s are shuffled, and we’ve rolled both for seating placement as well as ‘initiative’ (who plays first, clockwise from there). As mentioned in our disclaimer in the deck analysis, we’ll be using an attack-left/defend-right model in an attempt to strike a balance between using the cards as they were intended without creating a lopsided and brief review due to gang-ups- a compromise with only three of us available.

For the match, Sam’s taken Devour for Power while Jimi’s gravitated towards Political Puppets. Here are the notes from our match.

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Commander: Heavenly Inferno Review (Part 1 of 2)

It may seem unusual to our modern Magic sensibilities, but long-time players can attest to the fact that we weren’t always blessed with the variety of formats that the modern player is today. When the game first began, there was only one format: duel your mates. As the game moved forward and developed, we began to see the rise of changes like regulation of deck contents (card minimums and maximums), the limited formats (sealed and draft), and the like. On account of the passage of time and that we seldom take proper notice of things that begin slowly, the origin and development of Commander is shrouded in some degree of mystery. What we can say is that like any other idea, there’s often no singular point in time that we can point to and say aha, this is the founding of it! 

But that’s not to say we can’t get at least close.

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