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Dark Ascension: Grave Power Review (Part 2 of 2)

With more behind us than ahead, we’re eager to savour every bit of Dark Ascension that we can. For today’s bout, we’ll be putting Grave Power through its paces. A deck with considerable potential, how will it do when required to perform? To test that out, I’ve enlisted Sam who’s selected Relentless Dead to pilot. Here we go!

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Dark Ascension: Grave Power Review (Part 1 of 2)

If there’s a common complaint against the Intro Pack decks, it’s in the matter of thematic consistency. It’s not unusual to hear laments along the lines of, “half of the cards are focused around a theme, and the other half are just filler.” Even the most charitable precon fan has to admit that this has a ring of truth, and indeed the last deck we reviewed, Swift Justice, seemed to suffer from a lack of pronounced clarity (though it still did the business with Monstrous Surprise).

Today’s deck puts that notion to bed.

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