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Rise of the Eldrazi: Eldrazi Arisen Review (Part 2 of 2)

Like an old Godzilla movie, our matchup today was to be a true battle of the gargantuan as Edlrazi Arisen wages war against Sam and the Red/Black Invading Spawn. As both decks are weak in the early game to ramp for late game might, neither one of us could expect to get a quick kill, leaving plenty of time and space for the worst each deck had to offer to be thrown at the other.

Sam and I sat down to battle, and here are the notes from our titanic clash.

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Rise of the Eldrazi: Eldrazi Arisen Review (Part 1 of 2)

Rise of the Eldrazi followed something of a symmetrical model for its preconstructed decks. There were two decks for the Level Up mechanic (Leveler’s Glory, Leveler’s Scorn), two for the Eldrazi and their¬†Spawn (Invading Spawn, Eldrazi Arisen), and the odd one out was devoted to the Totem Armor theme (Totem Power). This model would be somewhat replicated the very next block, when Scars of Mirrodin assigned two decks to the Phyrexians, two to the Mirrans’ mechanics, and a tribal theme deck. It’s a model that seems to work, giving a nice variety to the representative mechanics and themes, while at the same time providing something of a contrast within a flavour.

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