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Battle for Zendikar: Call of Blood Review (Part 2 of 2)

Although we are going to be pivoting into the Oath of the Gatewatch decks, we did get in some playtesting in the lead up to that set and some reviews to pass a final judgment on. Call of Blood didn’t cover itself in glory when Phil last piloted it. Will it have better luck today?

For today’s match, Phil selected the Blue/Green Swarming Instinct.

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Battle for Zendikar: Call of Blood Review (Part 1 of 2)

Back in Magic 2010, the first of the revamped line of Core Sets, a rare black enchantment was printed that over time would turn quite a few heads.

At five mana, Sanguine Bond was a card that screamed ‘Johnny,’ the Magic player profile that delighted in clever play through combos and card interactions. It did nothing on its own when played, but rather relied on other circumstances for effect.

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