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Shadows over Innistrad: Angelic Fury Review (Part 2 of 2)

At last! We’ve had an unprecedented string of deck reviews without their corresponding playtests, but I’ve finally managed to get some games in. Joining me at the table is Josh, a good friend whose previous focus is on more competitive Magic, but has enjoyed the opportunity to playtest some preconstructed Magic as well. For our look at the Red/White Agnelic Fury, he’s opted to pilot the delirium-themed Horrific Visions Read more »


Shadows over Innistrad: Angelic Fury Review (Part 1 of 2)

We’ve arrived at the last of the five Intro Pack decks for Shadows over Innistrad, the Boros-colored Angelic Fury. Thus far, we’ve seen three mechanic-centered decks, with Unearthed Secrets (Clue tokens and investigate), Vampiric Thirst (madness), and Horrific Visions (delirium). The fourth deck, Ghostly Tide, was tribal Spirits, which leaves Angelic Fury as a bit of a conundrum.

Read more »

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