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Planechase: Metallic Dreams Review (Part 2 of 2)

To give Metallic Dreams a good run for its money and to see how the deck functions under pressure, Sam and I decided to put it through its paces against Zombie Empire, a nasty mono-Black Planechase deck. Much like Phyrexia vs The Coalition, it would be interesting to see how an essentially five-colour deck handled itself against a single-coloured one. Here are our game notes…

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Planechase: Metallic Dreams Review (Part 1 of 2)

Centuries before the first tides of the Quicksilver Sea rose to meet each new sun, Mirrodin’s light shone on the golems alone…

While not directly tied to Mirrodin thematically, it would be impossible not to acknowledge the heavy imprint of that set and story upon the Metallic Dreams Planechase deck- a design which rests very heavily on the golems and their affiliated kin. Metallic Dreams is an uncommon thing- a deck which shies away from allegiance to and playstyle of any particular set of colours, instead choosing to both embrace and shun the coloured path on its way to victory. That may seem impossibly contradictory, but once you dig into the deck it begins to make perfect sense.

We’ll start our analysis of this most unconventional deck in a conventional manner, by focusing first upon its creatures and the role they play. As with Archenemy, Ertai’s Lament is less worried about the Planechase mechanic (planes, die, and all), but rather how the actual preconstructed deck itself plays out. The Planechase design proper can be lots of fun and has been covered extensively elsewhere- we’ll be looking at the deck.

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