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So… Hello Folks!

Here’s to hoping this post finds everyone in good spirit and good health! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I was struck today by a particular comment left by Limbonic_Art. 

So sad this site is now almost dead… Is it all because of the store?

This thoughtful comment caught me on a few levels. First, though we haven’t been updating, the site is far from dead. It’s still charting between 800-1000 views a day, which is pretty amazing. That tells me that Ertai’s Lament has succeeded in one of its aims, which is providing a resource for those looking into the older decks.

Of course, for those looking for signs of life itself, such as Limbonic, it certainly could appear moribund thanks to the lack of visible activity. That brings me to the next point- if we haven’t been updating in just over a month… what have we been doing?

First, we’ve been running Moonlite Comics. I knew going into it that it would be a lot of work, but even at my most generous estimates I vastly underestimated how much goes into it. Right now, I’m essentially working two full-time jobs, seven days a week. It sadly doesn’t leave a lot of time left over for other things, no matter how much aspiration is there. I’m steadily working towards finding the right balance between the store, my regular day job, and everything else, so that’s a work in progress.

There’s also one other big reason for our absence.


Say hello to Declan and Lorcan Kirkman! Our wee ones entered the world together on 16 September, a full TWO MONTHS ahead of schedule! It’s been unimaginably hectic around here on top of everything else, but they’re fighters the both of them and they’re doing even better than we dared to hope. No major issues to speak of as yet, and two days ago they both surpassed their birth weight after the initial drop in weight most babies experience. They’re thriving (but prayers are always welcome!)!

Jimi hasn’t left the hospital since they arrived, making a huge sacrifice for our babies in terms of sanity and exposure to horrible food. Sam and the boys have stepped up to help run the house, so we’re all getting through.

So yeah… things have been a little busy around here, but Ertai’s Lament is far from dead.

I promise.

I remember Gathering Magic before it was Gathering Magic, when it was just a really popular casual Magic site run by two guys. As the end arrived and their updates became less and less, you couldn’t shake that feeling of impending doom. Not so here. We’l be back very soon with a lot of catching up to do. I’ve already been poking around the Intro Packs of Theros, and one of them in particular blew my socks off.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon!


News: Theros Intro Pack Rares Revealed!

Ordinarily spoilers for the Intro Packs have come in two waves. First, we get a look at the deck packaging, letting us see the rares and names of the decks. Then, later, we get the fill deck list spoiled. Today, the mothership had something a little different for us- just the Intro Pack rares.

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Ruric Thar

Dragon’s Maze: Gruul Siege Review (Part 1 of 2)

When we began our coverage of Return to Ravnica, we focused on a number of themes and mechanics that gave the set a sense of cohesion from the original to the latest iteration. One of the greatest of these wasn’t a particular mechanic so much as it was a much more fundamental innovation- the very guild system itself.

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Lavinia of the Tenth

Dragon’s Maze: Azorius Authority Review (Part 1 of 2)

Although the game that is at the heart of this website is intended for recreation and hobby, there exists a series of games that have a much more clinical application. Known academically as game theory, this field looks to study the strategy of decision making. As you might imagine, there’s quite a bit of overlap across the spectrum, and indeed in 2007 Frank Karsten wrote his Introduction to Game Theory on the mothership.

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News: New Duel Decks Announced on the Mothership

In the wake of the spoiling of Theros, this Autumn’s block (along with the next two sets, Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx), today the mothership treated us to a grand unveiling of the next Duel Decks release!

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Reads: Meddling Orzhov Oppression

We’re here at last, and the series is complete. Today the final medlding of the Return to Ravnica/Guildpact Intro Packs is up and Gathering Magic, and which rule did I bend this time?

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News: Return to Ravnica Intro Packs Decklists Revealed!

Those waking up to the mothership today are in for a treat- the Return to Ravnica Intro Pack contents have been spoiled!

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Viscera Seer

New Year’s Eve: Pack to Fortune 2011

Some of you may recall last year we staged an event called “Pack to Fortune.” A fun and whimsical fortune-telling device centered around reader participation and an unopened booster pack of cards, we looked to divine what we had in store for the coming year based upon what you opened. It was a lot of fun and we had some great responses.

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News: Wizards Announces Next Planechase Expansion

Those tuning into Daily Arcana on the mothership got an extra treat today with the announcement of the second Planechase release, due next June. Taking one of the smartest pages out of the Commander playbook, these will also feature new Magic cards never seen before in any set, and introduce a new type of oversize card: the Phenomenon! Commander players get some more love, too, with additional Legends (including a ‘wedge Legend’ spoiled today). Head on over and check it out!


Magic 2011 Intro Pack Decklists Revealed

Today on the mothership, Monty Ashley (of Magic Arcana) spoiled the decklists for the upcoming M11 Intro Packs. Check it out!

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